Rules for Media Accreditation

Rules for Media Accreditation for the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)/GEMC Public Conference 2019
  1. General provisions:

1.1. The purpose of media accreditation for the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)/GEMC Public Conference 2019 (hereinafter referred to as the Conference) is to provide proper conditions to media representatives in their professional activities in preparing and disseminating complete and reliable information about the event.

1.2. Media representatives are accredited in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation On Mass Media and the present Rules.

1.3. Accreditation of media representatives for the Conference is mandatory.

1.4. When carrying out their professional activities, mass media representatives are to respect the rights and legitimate interests of the organizers, partners and participants in the Conference, as well as to observe generally recognized standards  of ethics.

1.5. The organizers may limit the number of media representatives participating in the Conference due to the limited infrastructure capacity available at the venue.

  1. Procedure for accreditation of media representatives:

2.1. Requests for accreditation may be submitted by Russian and foreign media officially registered in Russia or accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

2.2. The organizers of the Conference may deny accreditation without explanation, as well as in case of violation of the rules and parameters of registration, failure to provide (upon request) additional information, in case the media has no industry-specific sections or content related to financial and banking issues.

2.3. To be accredited, media representatives should register online on the official website of the Conference at:

2.4. Accreditation requests are processed within 2 working days after their submission and receipt of an official email message with a confirmation code sent by the organizers of the Conference.

If there is no feedback from the organizers of the Conference within the specified period, please let us know about it by e-mail:

2.5. Media representatives are accredited till September 14 2019 inclusive.

2.6. Media representatives that have not registered online on the official website of the Conference are not allowed to attend the event.

2.7. Requests submitted after the term specified in clause 2.5 of the Rules are not accepted for registration.

2.8. Media accreditation for the event is performed in three stages:

– Online registration on the official website of the Conference;

– an official e-mail with an accreditation confirmation code;

– confirmation of accreditation by an official letter from the Conference Organizers.

Important! The organizers may request additional information, including documents confirming the status of the media; power of attorney from the media to confirm the applicant’s credentials.

2.9. Accredited are media representatives who have received personal accreditation confirmation from the organizers of the Conference no later than September 16 2019 inclusive.

2.10. Accreditation is valid on the day of the Conference, 19 September 2019.

  1. The procedure for obtaining accreditation cards (Media badges):

3.1. Official badges are issued to media representatives prior to the opening of the Conference, at the Media Accreditation Desk, starting from 8 a.m. on 19 September 2019.

3.2. All badges are name badges, and they are not to be handed over to third parties during the Conference. Any other accreditation cards and passes are not valid for participation in the Conference.

  1. Video and photo rules:

4.1. Media representatives who take photographs and film videos shall be accredited in accordance with Section 1 of the present Rules.

4.2 Taking photos and filming videos are possible at the Conference within the framework of the official Program in areas specifically designated for the purpose.

4.3. Media representatives are obliged to inform the interviewees about video and audio recording in progress, as well as to stop taking photos and video recording at the request of representatives of the security service of the Conference venue.

  1. Rights and obligations of media representatives accredited for the Conference:

5.1. Media representatives shall participate in the Conference as Participants in the Conference and may freely attend all sessions and meetings, in accordance with the official Program of the Conference.

5.2. Media representatives accredited for the Conference are entitled to:

– use the infrastructure of the Conference venue and receive information about the Conference (press releases, program, information on participants in the Conference, etc.), as well as be promptly informed about changes in the program or other activities/events (by phone, SMS, e-mail);

– to apply requests (within the framework of accreditation) for interviews with the speakers of the Conference, photo and video footage, audio recording of the speakers’ speeches during the Conference.

5.3. When using official information and quoting statements of participants in the Conference, media representatives undertake to act in compliance with the following rules: ready-made materials should contain a reference to the full or abbreviated name of the Conference, specify the source of the information or contain a link to the website of the Conference, if the information is taken from the site No changes, additions or distortions to the copied (quoted) information are permitted.

The organizers of the Conference hereby inform that they have the right to use articles, photos and videos made by the media during the Conference and the preparation for it. The Organizers undertake to specify the author of the material and the media in case they post such materials on official Internet sites of the Conference or use them for other purposes.

The organizers of the Conference are not responsible for statements posted in social networks and Internet pages.

For more information, please contact the Conference organisers by e-mail: or tel: +79853879933

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