Please refer to this booklet to get information on whether or not you would need a visa to go to Russia. Information in the booklet is taken in full from the official source (Consular Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation) and was translated into English for your convenience. Information is true as of January 2019.  

Jurisdictions marked in green benefit from visa-free regime with Russia for all types of passports. If you are holding a diplomatic, service or special passport you might be visa free as well (see jurisdictions marked in yellow).

We did our best for the information in the booklet to be accurate, however we strongly encourage you to double check visa requirements for your specific case with a Russian consular section in your jurisdiction.

Delegates are solely responsible for ascertaining whether they require a visa to travel to Russia, as well as for making all necessary arrangements in a timely manner.

If you don’t need a visa, we would still advise you to check information with a Russian consular section in your jurisdiction, as you might need to provide some supporting documentation at passport control upon arrival to Russia.


If you need a visa support, kindly indicate that in Step 2 of your registration process in the Profile tab (available once you confirmed your e-mail and logged in). For any visa queries please contact

Please find below a step by step instruction on how to get a visa to attend IOSCO GEMC Annual Meeting & Conference and ERC Meeting in St. Petersburg.

Step 1: Check whether or not you need a visa here.

Step 2: If you need a visa, check your specific visa requirements and a list of supporting documentation with a local Consular office of the Russian Federation. Requirements are country specific, so please make sure you read them carefully.

Step 3: Reserve the hotel of your choice here. We encourage you to stay at the recommended hotels and benefit from the special rates we negotiated for you. Transfers from the airport/railway station and to/from social events venues will be provided to the recommended hotels only.

If you still wish to stay at the hotel not indicated on the list, please contact . We will try to find the best solution for you. Bear in mind that accommodation types other than hotels may not be eligible for visa support purposes. Kindly note that if you book a hotel through online travel aggregators, our Visa support agent may not be able to provide you with a Hotel Voucher and Visa Support Letter.

Step 4. Once your hotel reservation made through the website (for recommended hotels) or by request to (if you wish to stay at another hotel) is guaranteed, our managers will provide you with a Hotel Voucher and a Visa Support letter. Both of these documents are essential for your visa application.

In some country specific cases delegates may need to obtain hard copies of a Hotel Voucher and a Visa Support Letter. You may check whether or not this requirement is applicable in your case, following instructions in Step 2. If you need a hard copy, please send your request to and our managers will forward them to you by Express Mail. Please allow sufficient time for the hard copies to reach your address.

Step 5. Fill in the visa application form with the Consular department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. You will be applying for Tourism visa, subsection “Aim tourism”. You can find detailed instructions on how to fill in the form here.

Step 6. Submit all the documents to the Visa application center or Consular section (the one you specified in the visa application form). Please consider that you may need to schedule an appointment in order to avoid any queues.

Kindly note that once submitted, visa processing times may take up to 20 days in some cases. Most of the visas are processed within 7 days. However these timelines are not binding so we strongly encourage you to start your visa process as soon as possible to ensure your timely departure for Russia.


Please be advised that our visa managers do not have any authority or discretionary ability with regards to the visa decision and cannot influence or expedite any visa process.